About me

Well I’m 65% Water, 20% Protein, 12% Lipids, 1.5% Other Inorganics, 1.0% RNA, 0.4% Other Organics, 0.1% DNA, 100% bullshit and the remaining parts has not been identified yet. Oh, and maybe I’m not good with numbers. Maybe I’m joking.

I work as software developer. I have degrees in computer science and in psychology. I find people are far more interesting than technology – and computer science is all about people.
In my spare time I pretend to be a musician or a photographer – when I’m not out running or kayaking, that is.

I’ve been programming since 1984, where I got my first computer – a ZX Spectrum. I was 12 at the time. Since then, programming has taken up a substantial part of my life. Since I was pretty fair at programming and didn’t know what else to do, I ended up with masters in computer science and psychology. The psychology part was an interest I had build up during my computer science study, where I got really interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. My final thesis was actually in the field of machine learning.

Today I work as a sort of Data Scientist doing predictive analysis using Machine Learning and statistics.

You can contact me by sending me a mail to my gmail account. I’m called andreasryge there.You can also find me on Google+, linkedin or follow me on twitter if you like. There should also be a link to my twitter profile in the column in the right side of this page.

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