I am not a blogger. I am a developer

I am not a blogger. I am a developer, and to be honest, not a particular skilled one. I would score myself to be about avarage.

Like most developers, my day job is solving problems. This is done by analysing real world problems, acquiring deep understanding of a certain domain and building mental constructions that can be used to grasp and model the real world.
In this process, developers often find real world things that are… erhm… sub-optimal or things that would be modelled easier, if only they where slightly modified. I think the latter occurs more often than the former, though.

As a result of this, most developers have a strong opinion about how things should have been, what is wrong and why their way of doing things is superior. I am no different, except that I tend to be louder and more verbose in my rants. That tends to piss of management.

But wait. There is more: I am without people skills and I am fairly arrogant, failing to understand how other people can miss the obvious, exploiting every chance of pointing that out. That tends to piss of management even more.

But I have made a promise to myself. No more rants at work, only constructive criticism (whatever that is). Unable to rant at work, I need a vent somewhere. I was thinking this blog should be it.